How to detect and repair errors on the hard drive using the Check Disk utility. If your selected drive is a system partition that is being used, Windows will let you schedule a disk check on the next restart. Follow the steps to launch check disk utility using the Command Prompt. A console utility chkdsk is run from a Windows command line; it is helpful when testing HDD and checking it for reading errors. Its features are identical to a graphical shell. 2.4 If any issues with this process or errors are displayed, visit theMicrosoft Windows support site for more information.

Command displays a list of common CHKDSK commands. Chkdsk /F /R locates and repairs any encountered errors.

  • Keep reading to find out what “/f” means and how to make CHKDSK repair corrupted files.
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Three Other Fixes For File System Error

This is a good scan to run on your disk partitions as a routine maintenance of your disks. If the scan check results in finding an issue with the filesystem, then running or scheduling a run of chkdsk /f will then attempt to fix the found error. Locates bad sectors and recovers readable information. /r includes the functionality of /f, with the additional analysis of physical disk errors. The check Rocketdrivers disk utility can also be ran from My Computer to check for errors on your hard disk.

What Are The Signs Of Hard Drive Failure?

Click the Start button, click My Computer, and then select the hard drive that you want to check. If the primary hard drive that contains the operating system does not boot, files in the operating system might be corrupt. For more information, see your operating system documentation. Ensure that the DC power cables from the power supply are firmly connected to the connectors on each drive. If the DVD drive is not listed, perform a full scan with your antivirus software to check for and remove viruses. If the CD drive is not listed, perform a full scan with your antivirus software to check for and remove viruses. If any of the diagnostics tests fail, the card you just reinstalled is faulty and needs to be replaced.

If you have an external hard drive, perhaps where you store a backup of all your files, it may be causing this problem. When another hard drive is connected, your computer may inadvertently become ‘confused’. Similar to the previous method, we will be creating a bootable USB or disc drive to help us retrieve data from the corrupt hard drive. Although, instead of creating a bootable Windows drive, we will be creating a bootable media drive for MiniTool Partition Wizard. The application is a partition management software for hard drives and is widely used for various hard drive related activities.


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